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Useful Tipps when booking a Bike Holiday with Radissimo


If you like to boo your bike holiday with Radissimo just send us an e-mail, fax or letter. Otherwise you can use our booking form or book online as well.

You will receive a final confirmation by mail within a week as soon as we have all reconfirmations of the hotels and service providers. Along with your invoice you will receive detailed information on the travel insurance, journey by train and the itinerary.

When booking a "Partner Tour" the booking progress might take a little longer.

Please note that services, itineraries, accommodation etc. might have to change at last-minute bookings. The travel documents also might be handed out not until your arrival because of logistic circumstances.

After receiving your confirmation we ask for a deposit of 20% of the total amount. At least 21 days before arrival the remaining amount has to be paid unasked.

Thank you for your understanding that we only accept deposits and payments from the invoice recipient in one amount. If you wish separate invoices and travel documents for each participant please announce all addresses and details at booking. Later chances can not be made and reductions might not apply (see below).

Insurance policies as well as costs for train or flight tickets have to be paid among the deposit.

Travel Documents
For each booked room/cabin there will be handed out a package with travel documents about two to three weeks before arrival. Travel documents will be sent after receipt of payment to the invoice recipient.

The packages include maps, route description and hotel list as well as tourist information and tips. Because of logistic matters or at last-minute bookings the route description and maps can be handed out on your arrival.
You may receive another package of travel documents for an extra charge of about 15 Euros depending on the tour.

Thank you for your understanding that travel documents and route description/maps only can be provided when booking a bike holiday with Radissimo.

Travel Insurance
In spite of the protection in the event of insolvency which is required by law there are no other travel insurances included in the prices.

We strongly recommend taking out at least insurance for cancellation before as well as during your journey. If you are travelling abroad you should also have a health insurance for abroad destinations including emergency medical service with return transfers.

An insurance coverage only can be guaranteed from the first day when taking out an travel insurance with the booking. 


All discounts refer to the basic rate in twin or single rooms. We can not apply discounts on surcharges and additional serves such as half board, rental bikes etc.

Early-Bird-Discount: For all bookings made directly with Radissimo until 15th February 2010 we allow a 3% discount of the basic price.

Journey-Discount: With the second booking made directly with Radissimo we allow a 3% discount. For every further direct booking the discount is raised at 1% each (third booking = 4%, fourth booking = 5%... (max. 7%)

Group-Discount: For groups from 6 persons travelling together and booking directly with Radissimo we allow a 5% discount, for 12 persons the discount is 7% and more than 20 persons get 10% discount. Booking, invoicing and payment is required by one person to whom all the travel documents will be send.

Adding discounts is not possible; we always allow the highest discount. Discounts only can be allowed at the time of booking and are not applicable on bookings made through third parties such as travel agencies etc.

Conditions for travel agencies are available on request.


Reduction for children: For most of our tours we allow children reductions up to an age of 12 years when sharing a bedroom with their parents. The level of reduction varies from tour to tour and is available on request. Please advise the date of birth when booking a tour.

Shared Rooms:  For most tours three bedroom (often twin/double with additional bed) or even four bedrooms can be offered on request. The involved discount is only applicable for the third or fourth person in shared rooms when two persons pay the full price.

1/2 Twin Bedroom: Only for few grouptours and boat & bike trips we can offer half twin bedrooms on request.

General Notes

Minimum Participants: If a minimum amount of participants is mentioned in the itinerary the tour operator is entitled to cancel the tour 21 days before arrival when not enough person have booked the tour.

Entry Regulations: For German citizens only a valid passport and/or ID-card are required. Children also need valid entry documents. Citizens of other countries please contact the responsible consulate for their entry and visa regulations.
Please have a look at the Auswärtigen Amt for more current information.

Health Regulations: For detailed information on health regulations and medical tips for your holiday destination we recommend the Centrum für Reisemedizin.

Modifications: All information and data in our catalogue and on the website correspond to the information that was valid at the time of printing/publication in Oktober 2009. Thank you for your understanding that by the time of booking changes in prices, itineraries and services are possible. Of course we will update you immediately.

DZ     =     double / twin bedroom
EZ     =     single bedroom
ÜF     =     bed & breakfast
HP    =    half board
VP     =     full board
Du     =     shower    
Kat.     =     category
Pers.    =     person
Kl.    =    class
BC    =    Bahncard




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