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Travel Check List for Bike Holidays

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Your Clothes
Of course you know what to take with you best. Anyhow we would like to give you some tips what you should bring with you for a bike tour:

- Bike helmet for your own safety
- Bike Trousers
- Sport Trousers with long legs
- Breathable functional clothing   
- Sport shoes which are suitable for cycling and hiking
- Head Gear for sun and rain protection
- Bike Gloves
- Rain clothes (jacket and trousers)
- Underwear
- Shoes
- Socks
- Swimming Things
- Small Towel

And furthermore please do not forget
- Sun cream
- Sunglasses
- Protection against insects
- Talcum powder
- Personal medicine and painkillers
- Water Bottle
- Tissues
- Pocket knife
- Photo

For the daily stages you should think of:
- Route description and maps
- Travel documents and service hotlines
- Mobile phone or calling card
- Repair kit
- First-Aid-Kit
- Pack your luggage waterproofed
- Take care that you pack enough to dink and eat (banana, cereal bar) while your daily stages

And do not forget
- Money
- EC-/Creditcard (check validity!)
- Bahncard
- Visa (check validity!)
- ID-Card and/or copy (check validity!)
- Vaccination record (check validity!)
- Health insurance for abroad destinations including emergency medical service with return transfers (check validity!)

Your personal fitness
For your fitness you may heed the following advices:
- Before going on bike holidays you should do some day trips to evaluate your personal shape.
- In the morning start slowly and try to paddle constantly.
- Plan a long and relaxed lunch break as well as regular short breaks.
- We recommend cycling the main part of the stage till noon and then cycle the rest in the afternoon.

Bringing our own bike
Unless otherwise noted you can bring your own bicycle for your bike holidays. In this case please be aware that your bike has to be roadworthy.

You should also bring a multiple-speed bike (at least 7, better 21 gears) and check the following details:
- Tyre pressure and profile
- Breaks
- Screws
- Handlebar
- Bicycle chain
- Lights and Bell

And please do not forget the equipment:
- Bike lock
- Air pump
- Repair-kit
- First-Aid-kit
- Bike tube
- Waterproofed panniers
- Handlebar bag


We do not guarantee completeness. 

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